Package Standards

All packages include high resolution edited photos on CD with printing rights for personal use only.  KWP does not release unedited photos.  Edited photos are chosen at the discretion of KWP.  Sessions are uploaded to an online gallery for viewing by family and friends at no additional cost.  The gallery will be available for 60 days and allows for purchasing of basic prints and products.  For wedding sessions please allow for 8 weeks post event processing time.  For other sessions please allow for 4 weeks post event processing time.  Professional prints, gallery wrapped canvases, albums, customized cards etc. are all at additional costs and a quote for these products can be requested at anytime.  KWP reserves the right to use all photos for commercial, public and advertisement of products and promotions. A $500.00 dollar deposit and a signed contract is required to secure a date for weddings and large event coverage .  A $50.00 dollar deposit and signed contract is required to secure a date for all other types of sessions.  KWP only accepts cash or check for payment of packages and deposits. If you are having pictures taken at the beach it is STRONGLY recommended that hair be secured or pulled back into an updo. KWP is not liable for hair that is difficult to tame due to wind.